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Unleashing Bali Communities Potential Through East Bali Poverty Project

EBPP which stands for East Bali Poverty Project established by a British resident of Bali in 1998. With the philosophy of “helping people to help themselves”, EBPP provided programmes that help thousands of people in Bali where they are living in isolation and abject poverty, forgotten by time and progress and chance to change.



EBPP aims to improve living ecosystems in terms of education and healthcare, they also provide sustainable food sources for thousands of people. EBPP continues ensuring the preservation of the local environment and ecosystems, especially in East Bali. One the example from their educational program is supporting children with disabilities in partnership with the therapist community in Bali.

The previous month, EBPP invited netizens to do fundraising through for helping more than 75,000 refugees of Mount Agung potential eruption.


The total donation collected has reached 23 million and donations have been distributed to Mt Agung evacuees at nongovernment refugee posts.

During the eruption, EBPP team delivering supplies of food and clean water. They also set up and showing the evacuees how to use Nazava as the donation for water filters in 4 Mount Agung Refugee camps in Tianyar & southern Buleleng to those most in need of clean and safe drinking water.



“Thanks very much for all the donations received, allowing us to work to support the refugees. We will continue doing our best with our dedicated field team and our small admin team here in Denpasar.” Said one of the volunteers EBPP

Hopefully, this story can inspire so many people to help those who struggle because of natural disasters.
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