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YSEALI Professional Fellow Program Fall 2020 – Indonesia

Kitabisa.com and the Mansfield Center of The University of Montana seek professional applicants for a program sponsored by the U.S. Embassy.

Please read detailed program information below. For more information, please contact our local partner, Kitabisa.com via email [email protected] and cc [email protected] .

Program Summary

The YSEALI Civic Engagement Fellows Program is designed to promote mutual understanding, enhance leadership and professional skills, and build sustainable partnerships between emerging leaders from foreign countries and the U.S.

We are seeking emerging leaders from a variety of sectors: civil society, government, education, and academia. Because this is a program for professionals, non-working, non-professional students are not eligible to apply. The required age range for participants is 25 – 35 years of age by the start of the program (February 1, 2020). The program for Spring cohort will be held on October 13 – November 19, 2020.

During the five-week program in the United States, participants will gain firsthand knowledge of how organizations and institutions operate, while also participating in site visits and specially-designed seminars. An important part of the program is a fellowship. Participants will be matched with a similar organization in the U.S. and work with an American counterpart for one month. Following a short group orientation, participants will spend one month in their fellowship and one week in Washington, D.C.

This program also provides the potential of an American expert traveling to your workplace to support your organization. Indonesian participants may also be asked to host a U.S. participant at their place of work. That individual will be someone you have worked with during your U.S. program and determined to be of benefit to your mission. A selected number of American fellowship partners will travel overseas to work with you and your counterparts on civic engagement issues in your country. Because 38 Southeast Asian Fellows will be selected, and only approximately 13 of their American partners will travel to Southeast Asia, not every Southeast Asian participant will host an American at their place of work. However, you must state your willingness to host a U.S. participant on your application to be considered for this program.

A total of 18-20 successful applicants from ASEAN will participate in the YSEALI Civic Engagement Fellows program, traveling to the U.S. February 1 – April 1, 2020.

Other Essential Program Information

Program objectives:

  • Promote mutual understanding and lasting partnerships between mid-level emerging leaders.
  • Provide opportunities for global emerging leaders to share ideas, approaches, and strategies regarding civic engagement and women’s empowerment challenges.
  • Enhance leadership and professional skills for fellows from around the world.
  • Build a global network of like-minded professionals.

Program Requirements and Restrictions: Participants are expected to participate fully in the program. They are expected to attend all workshops and organized activities. The program is very intensive and there will be little time for personal pursuits unrelated to the program. This is not a tourism program but an intensive professional experience. However, please realize that this is a group experience. Not every appointment will be specifically designed to your interests. Every appointment will contribute to overall understanding of civic engagement and women’s empowerment issues. This is an inter-disciplinary programs specifically designed to bring together people from different backgrounds and professions in a shared goal of enhancing civic engagement and empowering women. Please note: this is not a program to fundraise. You will learn skills and how to fundraise, but your goal should not be to raise money while in the U.S.

English Language Ability: All candidates must demonstrate English language capabilities. The program is rigorous and demanding. Participants will be expected to handle reading materials in English and to be full and active participants in all seminar and panel discussions.

Candidate Description and Qualifications: The participants are expected to be highly motivated professionals working in the field of civic engagement and women’s empowerment, with detail below:

  • English-language capability to be successful in an English-language program for five weeks.
  • Clear understanding of civic engagement and women’s empowerment issues that affect your community.
  • Aged 25-35: this program is for emerging leaders, not for students or high-level experts.
  • Plan to return to your organization following completion of the program.
  • Demonstrate strong leadership qualities and potential in your work.
  • The support of your supervisor and/or organization for both your participation as well as for hosting a U.S. Fellow. A commitment to the time investment required to make the program a success.
  • Be willing and able to fully participate in an intensive program, Fellowship position, community service, and travel program in the U.S. for approximately 38 days.
  • Understand that this is not tourism or a luxury program. This is a busy professional program.
  • We encourage those with disabilities to apply, as our program will accommodate such needs.

You can also learn about YSEALI by watching this video.


The deadline for application is April 1, 2020. Click image below to apply.

If you have slow internet connection and cannot submit via link above, you can download the form in this link and send it to [email protected], cc [email protected].

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